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Elements of Wealth – a powerful financial education program from GlobalOne

The first product GlobalOne starts is Elements of Wealth. It was known even from a

GlobalOne Companies

GlobalOne Companies

couple of months ago that the first product will be a financial education course. Yet we didn’t know how powerful it will be. In the last webinars, more details came out and together with a little research I did, the things are becoming more clearer.

Elements of Wealth is a financial education program created by Livio Nespoli. Livio Nespoli is the owner and CEO of InterAnalyst LLC.

Elements of Wealth is specially designed for GlobalOne based on the financial education programs InterAnalyst offers to their clients.

InterAnalyst LLC (Limited Liability Company) established in Nebraska and it’s main activity is to provide investors with honest, non biased, factual information about the financial markets.

InterAnalyst is a lot different from most of the companies providing informations about financial markets.

InterAnalyst has financed research covering 80 years of financial market activity and incorporated Nobel Laureate research completed by Bill Sharpe, Merton Miller, and Burton Malkiel.  In addition research was supported by Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, Charles Schwab, John Templeton, William Bernstein, and Ted Aronson, CNNFN, Stanford University, UC Davis and Berkley.

This research concluded that buy and hold, day trading, and Forex trading are tools the investment industry uses to confiscate capital. We learned that insiders, extremely wealthy and well connected intelligent investors, take intermediate term positions and profit from both market directions.

InterAnalyst offers subscriptions to their programs and provides information that takes advantage on the research they’ve made so you and all interested people can use that information in their advantage and avoid capital confiscation by the investment industry.

InterAnalyst has 3 subscription based products on their website: Global Insiders Wealth, EasyTrade360 and MarketCycle360. Those 3 products are the basis for Elements of Wealth financial education program and are included in GlobalOne membership.

Global Insiders Wealth is a deadly accurate market forecast letter issued in 23 countries every Friday after market closes. This forecast letter issues buy and sell signals that keep your money growing or protected in many index (ATX, BFX. BSESN, BVSP, CAC, DAX, DyJAU, HSI, FTSE, IBEX, IXIC, JKSE, KLSE, MERV, MXX, N225, NZ50, SMI, SP500, TWII) and also on GOLD and OIL. The price for this subscription on InterAnalyst LLC website is 100$ a month. The forecast letter is issued once per week.

EasyTrade360 is a software that includes Global Insiders Wealth forecast together with thousands of pre-qualified investments. The price of EasyTrade360 is 1000$ one time licence and 100$ monthly subscription.

MarketCycle360 is the ultimate software that alows you to manage your investments with step by step direction using 21st century technology. This software includes superior analytics, risk assessment, delivering the premier software subscription. Global Insiders Letter and EasyTrade360 software are included. The price for this products is 5000$ for lifetime license (no monthly subscription) or 2500$ license + 100$ monthly subscription.

What is included in GlobalOne Elements of Wealth financial education?

All the above software and subscriptions are gradually included in the GlobalOne membership at a very, very low price. Elements of Wealth is customized for GlobalOne members and is created special for home based business.

There are 5 types of subscriptions at GlobalOne:

  • Tin membership – 10$/month – some financial education basics
  • Copper membership – 25$/month – Global Insiders Wealth
  • Silver membership – 50$/month – EasyTrade360 included
  • Gold membership – 75$/month – EasyTrade 360 +
  • Platinum membership – 100$/month – MarketCycle 360 included

Elements is included in GlobalOne membership starting with Copper level (25$). However some elements of financial education are also included in Tin membership (basic stuff).

With Copper membership you also get access to Global Insiders Wealth. You will be able to learn how to get tax deduction and how to pay less taxes from your income (legally).

At Silver subscription level you also get EasyTrade360 (worth 1000$ + 100$ monthly subscription). This will help you start your first investments or manage your cyrrent investments.

At Platinum level you get MarketCycle360 included (worth 5000$ lifetime license or 2500$ + 100$/month). This also includes EasyTrade360 and Global Insiders Wealth.

So by simply becoming a GlobalOne member you get access to thousands dollars worth of financial education information and tools starting as low as 25$ a month. In addition you will get a lot of other benefits as a GlobalOne member, including commissions from profit made by the company, commissions from sales and team, special prices on the coming businesses (iGO Shopping Mall, iGO Travel Agency, s.o.).

Click the signup button bellow to become a GlobalOne member today and purchase one of the five subscriptions available (10$, 25$, 50$, 75$ or 100$).

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1. GlobalOne Compensation Plan

2. iGO Shopping Mall from GlobalOne Companies

3. Paradigm Shift – A Revolution From GlobalOne

GlobalOne Launches in September 30th


GlobalOne Launch

At the last webinar Scotty Evans announced that the launch will be in September 30th.

Watch this recording:

There will be three phases for the launch:

Phase 1: Account funding – Starting from September 30th accounts will be founded. This phase will last until October 10th and allows members to activate their credit/debit cards and fund their accounts.

Phase 2:  Membership payments and first commissions – This phase will start October 10th and will last until October 20th.

Phase 3: 72hours commissions – After October 20th the programs will be fully functional and rotations will occur every 72 hours. First businesses will generate profit.

To join our team, click the button bellow:



iGO Shopping Mall

I just got this video from YouTube, it seems that it just “leaked”. It gives an overlook on one of the first businesses GlobalOne will launch. Just watch it bellow.

Join Now The GlobalOne Pre-launch

GlobalOne Compensation Plan


How You Earn With GlobalOne?

Who is GlobalOne?

GlobalOne announces to be a huge, solid and long term profit sharing business. is the pre-launch website of GlobalOne. The pre-launch started in June and since then the website jumped up to the first 1000 websites in the world in ranking.

Here is today Alexa position:

GlobalOne pre-launch

GlobalOne pre-launch Alexa ranking

The official company title is GlobalOne Companies, LLC and is based in San Diego, CA. The official webpage is and the pre-launch website is The registration is invitation based only. You can’t register directly on their page, you must register through an affiliate page. Click here to register >>

All GlobalOne Members Earn Commissions Every 6 Days (or less)

GlobalOne original idea makes this system have a quick spreading viral potential and to be very easy to multiply. This is because all members receive commissions even they don’t sell, sponsor or invest. If someone joined at the basic level and did not sponsor anybody or make any sales, they will still earn commissions from the profit pool in the first 72 hours.

Another element that gives GlobalOne a high viral potential is that all members earn commissions in the first 72 hours (or quicker). The reason for that is because the commissions are calculated on fixed dates. It is possible for someone to join today at noon and if the next commissions are paid tonight, they will receive the first commission within a few hours. Follow the GlobalOne Compensation Plan bellow.

GlobalOne Compensation Plan

GlobalOne Spinfinity – to understand Spinfinity you must erase your mind white-board and please do not try to compare with binaries or any other compensation plan you have seen – It’s not that same – It’s much more easy.

  • Pays out 10 times a month (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th, 13th, 16th, 19th, 22nd, 25th, 28th)
  • You are growing your Social Profit Pool as you refer others – dont think at downlines here, because it’s not
  • Spifinity rotions occur every 3 days (72 hours), at Midnight Eastern
  • The first business that will go live and generate profit for the spinfinity profit pool will be IGoBidWin, a penny auction profit pool. Five participation levels will be available: 10$, 25$, 50$, 75$ and 100$. More details will be available in the upcoming webinars, so watch your News section in your Ultimate Power Profits backoffice. If you are not yet registered click here.
GlobalOne Spinfinity payment calendar

GlobalOne Spinfinity payment calendar

Spinfinity is a super cool and revolutionary compensation plan that has everyone very excited. Basically, all members of the business are placed in one straight line based on their join date. The membership is then split into 3 zones. The top two zones are pay zones, and the bottom zone is a non-pay zone. Every three days, the membership spins or rotates, where the top group moves to the bottom, the bottom group moves to the middle, and the middle group moves to the top.

An algorithm is used to assign dollar values to each position, where the top position in the top group has the highest payout, and the payout amounts descend to where the bottom position in the middle group has the lowest payout. Therefore, you will receive a payout every 3 days, unless you are in the non-pay zone. This ensures that every member will get paid a minimum of every 6 days, or 6 times per month, through Spinfinity.

As far as the earning potential, it can vary greatly. It all depends on where you end up after each spin. It is possible for a member to join at the tin level for just $10/month, spin and end up in the top position, and end up earning over $100 in just one day! As with all the compensation plans, members also receive 20% matching bonuses on all of their referrals down to 5 generations deep.

This is a brief explanation of how Spinfinity program from UltimatePowerProfits will work:

1. Let’s say you join UPP today. You will be in the Purple Group, wich is not payed.

2. In the next 72 hours your position will rotate and you will get in the Green Group. Green Group and Blue Group are in the PAYOUT ZONE, which means you will get paid.

3. Another 72 hours and you will be rotated in the Blue Group, which is the highest pay Group. Here you will be paid more than in the Green Group.

4. After another 72 hours you get back in the Purple Group and the process repeats each 72 hours. In this way everyone get’s paid without refereeing anyone. If you want to earn more just refer a few people and you will get paid more.

Follow this graphic image explanation of UltimatePowerProfits:

GlobalOne Spinfinity cycle

GlobalOne Spinfinity cycle

Bellow is a video that explains with more detail the Spinfinity program:

GlobalOne Global Profit Pool

The GoGlobal Profit Pool is the compensation plan that requires the most work, though you do not need to refer others to earn. Through the GoGlobal profit pool, you accumulate points by giving away bid tokens to the iGoBidWin auction site. For every free token you give away that is used, you earn 1 point per token. Whenever a customer purchases tokens from your site, you earn 5 points every time these tokens are used. If you do not want to give away tokens, you can spend 5 tokens to put them in the companies “marketing machine” and they will market and give away the tokens on your behalf.

Every 3 days, you are paid based on the number of points you have accumulated in that pay period. Therefore, with no referrals, you can receive up to 10 payouts per month through the GoGlobal profit pool. Also, like with Spinfinity, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations deep.

Here is a video presentation of the GoGlobal profit pool:

GlobalOne Infinity

GoToInfinity is the easiest part of the compensation plan to understand. Simply put, it is a 3×10 company forced matrix. There is not a requirement to refer others, as it is possible to receive both spillover and spillunder from your team. GoToInfinity pays out every 3 days, or 10 times per month. Like with the other compensation plans, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on all of your referrals down to 5 generations deep. However, you also earn 20% matching bonuses on everyone on your 4th level of the matrix, even if they are not within your first 5 referral generations. Therefore, with no sponsoring, members can receive up to 26 payouts per month as a standard affiliate. However, if you refer others, you can receive up to an additional 26 payouts per month for every referral down to 5 generations deep.

Watch the video bellow to learn more about the Infinity plan:

Join GlobalOne


The GlobalOne Revolution


GlobalOne’s Paradigm Shift

Hello, I am Vivian Vanatu.

This message is for those of you who know how to use information in your advantage and for those of you who like to be informed in advance.

This message is for those of you who know that JOB stands for Just Over Broke, and for those of you that want more.

Pay close attention to the following message!



In September something revolutionary will be out on the market. Why revolutionary?

Because it will change the way business is done and will overturn many existing industries.

This change is called GlobalOne.

The GlobalOne idea is simple: all members will earn a part of company profit even they don’t sell or sponsor people, but they just love the idea.

GlobalOne will bring multiple businesses on the market, that will generate profit for members. In the first phase there will be up to 5 businesses that will developed with the help of the community and 50% of that profit will be shared among members.

There are 3 compensation plans that will help members to be paid. We will go in detail later, but now you need to know that the compensation plans address both those of you that only want to increase their monthly income and those that want to build a 6 figures income from this business.

It’s important for you to know that those 5 businesses are only the beginning. Members will have the opportunity to donate part of their income to the GlobalOne charitable project, a project that will be huge.

The funds raised for this humanitarian project will be used to distribute some life changing products in the isolated parts of the world.

Here are some examples:

- what about a low cost product that 1 kg can purify up to 400.000 liters of water? GlobalOne has the patent for such a product, which will be distributed in areas that have a big deficit of clean drinking water supply (Africa, India, Indonesia).

-or what about a product that can “sterilize” a wound in 3 minutes? There are numerous places where doctors must do surgery in unsanitary conditions and the benefits of the surgery are counteracted by the high risk of death due to secondary infections. This product removes all these problems. Sprayed in a room will eliminate all the insects, bugs, bacteria and viruses and creates a perfect sterile environment.

- What about a body lotion that acts like a repellent for insects, especially mosquitoes? It doesn’t kill them, but it makes them go away, as it is a very powerful repellent. This will be used in countries with high incidence of malaria. People will get this solution through the GlobalOne humanitarian project, they will use it once a day, they will not be bitten by mosquitoes anymore, and they will not get malaria and other diseases transmitted by this way.

-What about a solution that will extend the food shelf life with 1 or 2 weeks? In many regions, because the access is very difficult, the food alters during transportation. This solution allows food to get unaltered to the destination, reducing the risk of disease due to altered food and improving people diet in remote areas.

-One more thing: a water with special properties that allows plants to grow in the dark. This allows plants to grow on ships, while they are transported to remote areas, and people from those areas will benefit of fresh food supply.

There are over 300 such revolutionary products that will come out on the market at some moment after this huge humanitarian campaign.

GlobalOne already has partnerships with most of the major humanitarian institutions that operate in those regions.

All GlobalOne will ask from those benefiting from the charity is to create a video, a testimonial with the use and the benefits of the products.

In this way, thousands and thousands of videos will be created which testify the product quality and the efficiency.

This revolutionary products will be distributed in stores and will be found on store shelves. GlobalOne already has partnership with some big retailers from United States and others will follow in order for the products to be available on shelves.

On the company website videos will be available that will show the use of the products and people can see thousands of testimonials about the products. If someone who is not a GlobalOne member and maybe never heard of it before buys a product from a store, part of the profit will go to GlobalOne members.

In this way GlobalOne will significantly change some existing industries through the revolutionary products they will bring on the market. It will help improve the quality of life for millions of people that don’t have access to the most basic resources through a continuous humanitarian effort. With the unique and patented way to compensate members, GlobalOne will improve the life of millions of people, that will benefit from the company profit.

But this is not all! If a members or someone else has a very good idea or invented a product or service but he doesn’t know and don’t has the required resources to take it out on the market, GlobalOne will help produce and market the invention, of course if it’s viable, and part of the profit will stay at the company and the members.

In this way members will benefit from all the sales made by the company, including future products that aren’t invented yet.

This is the GlobalOne vision. It will not be all available from the start but gradually we will get here.

Until now maybe you are clear that it is a serious plan that will bring many good changes in the world.

Maybe you now ask yourself “How do I know that this will be real and they will keep their word?”

Let’s see who is GlobalOne and what credentials do they have.

GlobalOne is a company founded by Scotty Evans. Scotty Evans team was the one that created the first wireless network in Aspen, Colorado, in a time that this was just a distant dream.

The rules for WiFi and WiMax wireless networks were written much based on the network they’ve created.

This is just one of the things they’ve done. They created multiple innovative technologies, they’ve launched IT products on the market and they originated numerous revolutionary ideas. They grew up with innovation.

I’m not gonna get in details right now because on this website you will find further details about Scotty Evans and GlobalOne background.

I invite you to go to, study the information available there and join our team. Look for one of the leader from your region and ask them to help you get started.

Act now, as long as you have a big advantage with this fresh information.

Good luck!

The GlobalOne Business


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